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TED: Norman Spack: How I help transgender teens become who they want to be - Norman Spack (2013)
Puberty is an awkward time for just about everybody, but for transgender teens it can be a nightmare, as they grow overnight into bodies they aren't comfortable with. In a heartfelt talk, endocrinologist Norman Spack tells a personal story of how he becam... read more
8 hrs ago • TED
TED: Jennifer Senior: For parents, happiness is a very high bar - Jennifer Senior (2014)
The parenting section of the bookstore is overwhelming—it's "a giant, candy-colored monument to our collective panic," as writer Jennifer Senior puts it. Why is parenthood filled with so much anxiety? Because the goal of modern, middle-class parents—t... read more
1 day ago • TED
TED: David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy? - David Brooks (2014)
Within each of us are two selves, suggests David Brooks in this meditative short talk: the self who craves success, who builds a résumé, and the self who seeks connection, community, love -- the values that make for a great eulogy. (Joseph Soloveitchik ... read more
2 days ago • TED
TED: David Sengeh: The sore problem of prosthetic limbs - David Sengeh (2014)
What drove David Sengeh to create a more comfortable prosthetic limb? He grew up in Sierra Leone, and too many of the people he loves are missing limbs after the brutal civil war there. When he noticed that people who had prosthetics weren’t actually we... read more
6 days ago • TED
TED: Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world - Louie Schwartzberg (2014)
We live in a world of unseeable beauty, so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye. To bring this invisible world to light, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg bends the boundaries of time and space with high-speed cameras, time lapses and ... read more
1 week ago • TED
TED: Christopher Emdin: Teach teachers how to create magic - Christopher Emdin (2013)
What do rap shows, barbershop banter and Sunday services have in common? As Christopher Emdin says, they all hold the secret magic to enthrall and teach at the same time — and it’s a skill we often don't teach to educators. The science advocate (and c... read more
1 week ago • TED
TED: Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work - Amanda Burden (2014)
More than 8 million people are crowded together to live in New York City. What makes it possible? In part, it’s the city’s great public spaces — from tiny pocket parks to long waterfront promenades — where people can stroll and play. Amanda Burden... read more
1 week ago • TED
TED: Lawrence Lessig: The unstoppable walk to political reform - Lawrence Lessig (2014)
Seven years ago, Internet activist Aaron Swartz convinced Lawrence Lessig to take up the fight for political reform. A year after Swartz's tragic death, Lessig continues his campaign to free US politics from the stranglehold of corruption. In this fiery, ... read more
2 weeks ago • TED
TED: Jennifer Golbeck: The curly fry conundrum: Why social media “likes” say more than you might think - Jennifer Golbeck (2013)
Much can be done with online data. But did you know that computer wonks once determined that liking a Facebook page about curly fries means you're also intelligent? Really. Computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck explains how this came about, how some applica... read more
2 weeks ago • TED
TED: Bill and Melinda Gates: Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we've done - Bill Gates / Melinda Gates (2014)
In 1993, Bill and Melinda Gates—then engaged—took a walk on a beach in Zanzibar, and made a bold decision on how they would make sure that their wealth from Microsoft went back into society. In a conversation with Chris Anderson, the couple talks abou... read more
2 weeks ago • TED
TED: Allan Adams: The discovery that could rewrite physics - Allan Adams (2014)
On March 17, 2014, a group of physicists announced a thrilling discovery: the “smoking gun” data for the idea of an inflationary universe, a clue to the Big Bang. For non-physicists, what does it mean? TED asked Allan Adams to briefly explain the resu... read more
2 weeks ago • TED
TED: Daffodil Hudson: Is this the cure for stage fright? - Daffodil Hudson (2014)
While scientist Daffodil Hudson was preparing to give a TED Talk sharing her life's work on the genetic causes of stage fright, something quite unusual happened ...... read more
2 weeks ago • TED
TED: Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance - Hugh Herr (2014)
Hugh Herr is building the next generation of bionic limbs, robotic prosthetics inspired by nature's own designs. Herr lost both legs in a climbing accident 30 years ago; now, as the head of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, he shows his incredi... read more
3 weeks ago • TED
TED: Del Harvey: The strangeness of scale at Twitter - Del Harvey (2014)
When hundreds of thousands of Tweets are fired every second, a one-in-a-million chance -- including unlikely sounding sounding scenarios that could harm users -- happens about 500 times a day. For Del Harvey, who heads Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team, t... read more
3 weeks ago • TED
TED: Ed Yong: Suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other parasite tales - Ed Yong (2014)
We humans set a premium on our own free will and independence ... and yet there's a shadowy influence we might not be considering. As science writer Ed Yong explains in this fascinating, hilarious and disturbing talk, parasites have perfected the art of m... read more
3 weeks ago • TED
TED: Bran Ferren: To create for the ages, let's combine art and engineering - Bran Ferren (2014)
When Bran Ferren was just 9, his parents took him to see the Pantheon in Rome — and it changed everything. In that moment, he began to understand how the tools of science and engineering become more powerful when combined with art, with design and beaut... read more
3 weeks ago • TED
TED: Ziauddin Yousafzai: My daughter, Malala - Ziauddin Yousafzai (2014)
Pakistani educator Ziauddin Yousafzai reminds the world of a simple truth that many don’t want to hear: Women and men deserve equal opportunities for education, autonomy, an independent identity. He tells stories from his own life and the life of his da... read more
3 weeks ago • TED
TED: Larry Page: Where’s Google going next? - Larry Page (2014)
Onstage at TED2014, Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO Larry Page about his far-off vision for the company. It includes aerial bikeways and internet balloons … and then it gets even more interesting, as Page talks through the company’s recent acquisit... read more
4 weeks ago • TED
TED: Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden’s TED Talk - Richard Ledgett (2014)
After a surprise appearance by Edward Snowden at TED2014, Chris Anderson said: "If the NSA wants to respond, please do." And yes, they did. Appearing by video, NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett answers Anderson’s questions about the balance between se... read more
4 weeks ago • TED
TED: Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space - Chris Hadfield (2014)
There's an astronaut saying: In space, “there is no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse.” So how do you deal with the complexity, the sheer pressure, of dealing with dangerous and scary situations? Retired colonel Chris Hadfield paints a viv... read more
4 weeks ago • TED
TED: Edward Snowden: Here's how we take back the Internet - Edward Snowden (2014)
Appearing by telepresence robot, Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 about surveillance and Internet freedom. The right to data privacy, he suggests, is not a partisan issue, but requires a fundamental rethink of the role of the internet in our lives — and... read more
4 weeks ago • TED
TED: Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: The long reach of reason - Steven Pinker / Rebecca Newberger Goldstein (2012)
Here's a TED first: an animated Socratic dialog! In a time when irrationality seems to rule both politics and culture, has reasoned thinking finally lost its power? Watch as psychologist Steven Pinker is gradually, brilliantly persuaded by philosopher Reb... read more
4 weeks ago • TED
TED: Carin Bondar: The birds and the bees are just the beginning - Carin Bondar (2013)
Think you know a thing or two about sex? Think again. In this fascinating talk, biologist Carin Bondar lays out the surprising science behind how animals get it on. (This talk describes explicit and aggressive sexual content.)... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Toby Shapshak: You don't need an app for that - Toby Shapshak (2013)
Are the simplest phones the smartest? While the rest of the world is updating statuses and playing games on smartphones, Africa is developing useful SMS-based solutions to everyday needs, says journalist Toby Shapshak. In this eye-opening talk, Shapshak e... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Anne-Marie Slaughter: Can we all "have it all"? - Anne-Marie Slaughter (2013)
Public policy expert Anne-Marie Slaughter made waves with her 2012 article, "Why women still can't have it all." But really, is this only a question for women? Here Slaughter expands her ideas and explains why shifts in work culture, public policy and soc... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Clayton Cameron: A-rhythm-etic. The math behind the beats - Clayton Cameron (2013)
Ready to dance in your seat? Drummer Clayton Cameron breaks down different genres of music—from R&B to Latin to pop—by their beats. A talk that proves hip hop and jazz aren't cooler than math—they simply rely on it.... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Ajit Narayanan: A word game to communicate in any language - Ajit Narayanan (2013)
While working with kids who have trouble speaking, Ajit Narayanan sketched out a way to think about language in pictures, to relate words and concepts in "maps." The idea now powers an app that helps nonverbal people communicate, and the big idea behind i... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Manu Prakash: A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami - Manu Prakash (2012)
Perhaps you’ve punched out a paper doll or folded an origami swan? TED Fellow Manu Prakash and his team have created a microscope made of paper that's just as easy to fold and use. A sparkling demo that shows how this invention could revolutionize healt... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Gabe Barcia-Colombo: My DNA vending machine - Gabriel Barcia-Colombo (2013)
Vending machines generally offer up sodas, candy bars and chips. Not so for the one created by TED Fellow Gabe Barcia-Colombo. This artist has dreamed up a DNA Vending Machine, which dispenses extracted human DNA, packaged in a vial along with a collectib... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Christopher Soghoian: Government surveillance — this is just the beginning - Christopher Soghoian (2013)
Privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian sees the landscape of government surveillance shifting beneath our feet, as an industry grows to support monitoring programs. Through private companies, he says, governments are buying technology with the capacity t... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Philip Evans: How data will transform business - Philip Evans (2013)
What does the future of business look like? In an informative talk, Philip Evans gives a quick primer on two long-standing theories in strategy -- and explains why he thinks they are essentially invalid. (Listen for the absorbing tale of a surveillance pr... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Mary Lou Jepsen: Could future devices read images from our brains? - Mary Lou Jepsen (2013)
As an expert on cutting-edge digital displays, Mary Lou Jepsen studies how to show our most creative ideas on screens. And as a brain surgery patient herself, she is driven to know more about the neural activity that underlies invention, creativity, thoug... read more
1 month ago • TED
TED: Annette Heuser: The 3 agencies with the power to make or break economies - Annette Heuser (2013)
The way we rate national economies is all wrong, says rating agency reformer Annette Heuser. With mysterious and obscure methods, three private US-based credit rating agencies wield immense power over national economies across the globe, and the outcomes ... read more
2 months ago • TED
TED: Henry Lin: What we can learn from galaxies far, far away - Henry Lin (2013)
In a fun, exciting talk, teenager Henry Lin looks at something unexpected in the sky: distant galaxy clusters. By studying the properties of the universe's largest pieces, says the Intel Science Fair award winner, we can learn quite a lot about scientific... read more
2 months ago • TED
TED: Michael Metcalfe: We need money for aid. So let’s print it. - Michael Metcalfe (2013)
During the financial crisis, the central banks of the United States, United Kingdom and Japan created $3.7 trillion in order to buy assets and encourage investors to do the same. Michael Metcalfe offers a shocking idea: could these same central banks prin... read more
2 months ago • TED
TED: Catherine Bracy: Why good hackers make good citizens - Catherine Bracy (2013)
Hacking is about more than mischief-making or political subversion. As Catherine Bracy describes in this spirited talk, it can be just as much a force for good as it is for evil. She spins through some inspiring civically-minded projects in Honolulu, Oakl... read more
2 months ago • TED
TED: Siddharthan Chandran: Can the damaged brain repair itself? - Siddharthan Chandran (2013)
After a traumatic brain injury, it sometimes happens that the brain can repair itself, building new brain cells to replace damaged ones. But the repair doesn't happen quickly enough to allow recovery from degenerative conditions like motor neuron disease ... read more
2 months ago • TED
TED: Ash Beckham: We're all hiding something. Let's find the courage to open up - Ash Beckham (2013)
In this touching talk, Ash Beckham offers a fresh approach to empathy and openness. It starts with understanding that everyone, at some point in their life, has experienced hardship. The only way out, says Beckham, is to open the door and step out of your... read more
2 months ago • TED
TED: Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores? - Christopher Ryan (2013)
An idea permeates our modern view of relationships: that men and women have always paired off in sexually exclusive relationships. But before the dawn of agriculture, humans may actually have been quite promiscuous. Author Christopher Ryan walks us throug... read more
2 months ago • TED
TED: Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader - Roselinde Torres (2013)
There are many leadership programs available today, from 1-day workshops to corporate training programs. But chances are, these won't really help. In this clear, candid talk, Roselinde Torres describes 25 years observing truly great leaders at work, and s... read more
2 months ago • TED
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